We want to give you the opportunity to explore beyond the boundaries you already know. We believe adventure comes in many forms and is best experienced by immersing yourself in it fully. That’s why much of what we offer takes multiple days and gets you far from the beaten track.

Great Big Adventures

Your world can be transformed from day-to-day drudgery into moments of purity and clarity: camping on the beach watching otters play in the twilight; trusting your body and mind as choices are made a millisecond at a time astride a mountain bike as you ricochet downhill faster than you can think; gliding silently through open water as the first raindrops from the intimidating clouds pin-prick the surface; peeking through a tent doorway to realise you have woken up in a privileged, hidden world above the clouds.

Start The Journey

This is where we find ourselves. Amongst the space and the quiet we are more able to connect with ourselves, with others and with the world we live in. We realise that these opportunities do not always feel easily attainable from in front of your computer screen, despite the tantalizing images. We want you to experience Great Big Adventures and we want you to experience them with us. So start the journey now. Take a look at the offerings below to get an idea of what you might like to do. Then get in touch.


What We Can Offer You...

  • A supportive and experienced team of guides and instructors whose upmost priority is your safety and the quality of your experience
  • Inventive, original and inspiring packages designed and delivered with the budding adventurer in mind
  • Guaranteed delivery of your holiday
  • Options to meet the needs of all levels of proficiency with the support you need to grow and develop in your chosen activity