Adventures By Paddle

Tailor made sea kayaking & canoeing trips. Paddle off into your very own adventure!


The skies are deep blue, not a cloud in sight; the mountains tower above, and the water is like a clear glass window to an unfamiliar world below. Cormorants, Kittiwakes and Terns duck, dive and swirl around, seals observe your boat whilst basking on rock skerries and a family of porpoise can be seen surfacing in the distance. You paddle silently between rock arches and caves, listening to the ebb and flow of the tide bubbling and gulping at the ancient granite. This kind of opportunity to explore such a unique, rich environment is only truly possible by being in or on the water.

canoe adventure

Breathtaking Kayaking & Canoeing

Kayaking or canoeing the Scottish coast can be simply breathtaking. Whether it is the encounters with wild creatures or the feeling of serenity and connection that you find being so close to the water, or because of the exhilaration of the swell and the power of the ocean. We would love to create an experience that offers everything you would hope for from a trip of this kind. The rugged Scottish west coast is our playground with islands and inlets, crags and caves, beaches and bothies all accessible to us when planning your trip. This spectacular coastline is just waiting to be explored.

Longer Trips

We specialise in longer trips including wild camping right off the beaten track or nights spent in the network of bothies dotted around Scotland's coasts and mountains. If this floats your boat, let us guide you on your journey and make sure you have the most memorable and enjoyable experience possible. Whether you prefer to explore inland fresh or sea water lochs, tackle exposed open crossings to island camps, traverse a section of coast punctuated with white sand beaches, or journey into wild, uninhabited inlets inaccessible by any other means, we can get you there!

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Experienced Guides

At Venture Mòr we have a network of some of the most experienced and highly qualified guides in their field. To ensure we provide trips that are always the safest and of the highest quality that they can be for you and your companions, we only use a close network of well-known and trusted professionals.

Our guides know and understand the sea in this wild part of the Highlands. They have many years’ experience in leading groups and can also take you to pristine, remote and unique places, ensuring you get the very best from your holiday. If you are totally new to the skills needed for travelling by canoe or sea kayak, our staff are also skilled coaches with a passion for teaching the techniques of the sport. You will be in good hands.