Into the Wild – Wilderness Therapy for troubled teens

Into the wild

Into the wild

The wilderness has long been known to hold power for personal transformation, growth and positive change.

The Scottish Highlands are wild, isolated and rugged – the perfect place to transform the lives of young people struggling with emotions and life-circumstances.

Venture Mor has launched an intensive wilderness therapy programme aimed at young adults from across the UK, struggling with challenges of transition to adulthood. The issues they face could be anything from parental break-up, bereavement, trauma, anxiety and depression, disengagement from education or many other responses to difficult experiences during the tricky transition between adolescence and adulthood.

It is the UK’s leading wilderness therapy programme for young people (aged between 14-18).

leap of faith

Leap of faith

The three week programme consists of intensive and immersive psychological support and experiential learning opportunities through wild-country expeditions over some of the UK’s most remote and challenging terrain. This blend of resources, programme design and environment form a compelling base for self-reflection, strategy building and commitment to positive change.

Our programme and approach is unique within the UK, but this model of treatment has decades of success in the USA.

The process is focused on the therapeutic task. We don’t do activities for reward, but we do engage in them for a reason; the activities we undertake are essential, experiential opportunities for reflection and challenge. We might hike to camp up on mountain ridges and high peaks; we might canoe down river rapids and across expansive lochs flowing out to a coastal beach; we might slow the pace in a woodland and sleep in hammocks around a campfire to focus differently during our time outside.

The end of the day

Whatever form it takes, the trail will be led by our team of outdoor guides and facilitators who have unrivalled experience delivering developmental and therapeutic programmes in the most remote and wildest parts of Scotland.

Venture Mor’s first Wilderness Therapy programme in March and the journey for both the young people and the organisation was a success. The participants worked through themes of attachment, resilience, dealing with challenge, preparing for transitions and independence. They had space and time to tend to their painful psychological wounds, grow in self-awareness, and develop effective strategies to transfer home.

After the successful launch of the inaugural journey, another group of teens is now out in the wilderness working with professional therapists and guides. Future programmes are already attracting interest from parents and family members of young adults who have tried traditional therapeutic support (counselling, psychotherapy, CBT, CAMHS, medication options etc.) but have not been able to make the changes they were hoping for.

The next programme is scheduled for 24 March – 14 April 2018. Talk to us about what  Wilderness Therapy can do for your family.

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Highland social enterprise heralded as Scottish success story

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Tuesday 16th February


Venture Mòr highlighted as a leading example with 685% growth in turnover

Now in its sixth year, the NatWest SE100 tracks the growth and performance of the UK’s social enterprises. In the latest NatWest SE100 data report, published today, social enterprises on the Index in Scotland show an average growth in turnover of 62% and a total combined turnover of £451.1 million. Scotland accounts for 12% of the total Index users, comprising of 149 social enterprises on the Index.

Venture Mòr, a social enterprise in Scotland working to get disadvantaged young adults into work through employability training delivered in the Scottish wilderness, has been recognised as a leading social enterprise in this year’s NatWest SE100 annual report.

Venture Mòr is an example of a successful social enterprise growing steadily and making a big impact. The organisation has experienced a 685% growth in turnover.

Trading since 2013, Venture Mòr organises adventure holidays, retreats, charity challenges, Duke of Edinburgh and school activity weeks across the Scottish Highlands, and operates a 4* hostel to fund the work of its parent company, Venture Trust. Venture Trust supports disadvantaged adults often suffering with homelessness, addiction, offending, and isolation, to make positive life changes. Through the Venture Trust wilderness programmes, a high percentage of these people achieve greater stability and confidence resulting in employment, education, training or volunteering.

Commenting on their recent growth, Amelia Morgan, head of development at Venture Mòr, said: “There are a number of key drivers for growth but most importantly, we recognise that we must offer a high quality service, above and beyond our social credentials. We focus on our customers and how we can ensure that their experience with us is fantastic, so much so that they can’t wait to come back. The fact that we’re a social enterprise and backed by Venture Trust is definitely a positive and genuinely appeals to people.”

She continued: “We also invested in marketing the business through social media, being present on partner websites and developing our own website.”

Commenting on the strength of the social enterprise sector in Scotland, Amelia said: “Since Venture Mòr was founded, we have noticed a significant change in the range of social enterprises trading, and crucially the increased support from the Scottish Government, business development and leadership programmes to assist social enterprises to start up, trade sustainably and grow and move the sector forward.”

John Swinney, Deputy First Minister of Scotland, commented: “The Natwest SE100 helps social enterprises within the third sector to continually improve, learning from their peers and working together in a growing community of like-minded socially and environmentally responsible organisations.

“I welcome this report and the information it contains about the continuing success of Scottish social enterprises.  Social Enterprise is a growing and increasingly significant part of our economic and social landscape – playing a vital role in tackling social problems, strengthening communities and protecting the environment.”

Mark Parsons, Head of Community Finance and Social Enterprise, NatWest, said: “This report shows that social enterprises across the country are generating significant profits whilst having a powerful impact on their communities. The 80% average growth in turnover in the sector is hugely impressive, while the performance of the top 100 in the Index shows that there are some incredible high-growth social businesses out there – transforming economies and lives at the same time.  NatWest has been a proud supporter of the UK social enterprise sector over the past 20 years.  For some growing social enterprises, finance can still be a barrier to growth – but alternative financing options, such as our Social & Community Capital charity, can help them further their ambitions.”

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