Life is tough; no doubt about it. And stressful and busy and chaotic and confusing. Sometimes the best thing we can do for ourselves is to stand still and give our bodies a chance to catch up. To have a bit of peace. For some that might be meditation, for others, going for a run. One thing that is for sure; being amongst nature, breathing in the fresh air and slowing down help to bring back some balance to your life.

Yoga, Wellbeing & More

Retreat isn’t just about yoga, although it’s a good place to start. It’s about learning new skills; painting, cooking, growing things and crafts. It’s about finding out what gives you a passion, what calms your mind and taking that back with you when you go.

It doesn’t get more peaceful than Applecross. The name in Gaelic, A’Chomraich even translates as 'sanctuary'. With the mountains and sea, the trees and the wildlife, as well as the laid back locals, there is no better place to embark on a retreat of your choosing. Take a look at some of the breaks we are currently offering, then make your booking.

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