The UK’s leading wilderness therapy programme for young people (aged between 14-18 years) struggling with emotions and life-circumstances. Three weeks of intensive and immersive psychological support and experiential learning opportunities through wild-country expeditions over some of the UK’s most remote and challenging terrain. This blend of resources, programme design and environment form a compelling base for self-reflection, strategy building and commitment to positive change.

Programme dates: 

5 – 26 August 2017 limited spaces available

24 March - 14 April 2018

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The Programme

There are various forms of therapy in which people can engage. Our wilderness therapy is offered in the outdoors, and takes the form of an extended, intensive, immersive residential experience over a period of three weeks. During that time your child will embark on reflective, therapeutic tasks alongside several expedition phases through the inspiring Scottish landscape. Working through themes of attachment, resilience, dealing with challenge, preparing for transitions and independence, your child will have the space and time to tend to their painful psychological wounds, grow in self-awareness, and develop effective strategies to transfer home. Our programme and approach is unique within the UK, but this model of treatment has decades of success in the USA.

The process is focussed on the therapeutic task. We don’t do activities for reward, but we do engage in them for a reason; the activities we undertake are essential, experiential opportunities for reflection and challenge. We might hike to camp up on mountain ridges and high peaks; we might canoe down river rapids and across expansive lochs flowing out to a coastal beach; we might slow the pace in a woodland and sleep in hammocks around a campfire to focus differently during our time outside. Whatever form it takes, the trail will be led by our team of outdoor guides and facilitators who have unrivalled experience delivering developmental and therapeutic programmes in the most remote and wildest parts of Scotland. A qualified and professionally registered therapist will be dedicated to each journey to deliver group and one-to-one therapy sessions during the programme.

Cost: £4,995

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What We Do...

  • Therapy (by proper, qualified, registered professionals)
  • Experiential learning (through outdoor and adventure activity)
  • Community living (shared tasks, meals and space)
  • Time outdoors (base-camp living and multi-day expeditions)
  • Intensive, immersive, challenging
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