Yoga Retreats

The beauty of yoga is that you can do it anywhere, right? But why do it just anywhere when you can do it here. Applecross, or A’Chomraich, meaning Sanctuary, is just that: a sanctuary.

Applecross Retreats

With epic mountains and a tranquil sea, white sand beaches and paths lined with ancient trees, you can’t help but unwind. Hartfield House is an old hunting lodge where quiet contemplation is made easy.

For grey sky days (it happens sometimes!), there are peaceful rooms where yoga can be practiced uninterrupted. But when the sun shines, and it often does, you can fully enjoy the inspiring landscape around you. Feel the sand beneath your feet, listen to nothing but the gentle lapping of the water and the birds in the trees.

Gain strength, health and a whole lot of good feelings. Then leave knowing you can face the world with a different, more peaceful perspective. And you might just fall in love with Applecross too…

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