"After all that has happened, all the tears and heartache, the soul searching, self-blame and despair … he is just amazing. I feel very lucky and very proud of what he has achieved - and very grateful to you all at Venture Mòr for starting him off on a better road." - Parent

Wilderness Therapy Programs


In 2020 Venture Mòr will be using our Wilderness Therapy expertise to strengthen our work with disadvantaged young people in Scotland through our parent charity - Venture Trust.

This will mean young people struggling with issues such as long term unemployment, recovery from addiction, risk of homelessness, isolation, involvement in the criminal justice system in Scotland, and a history of trauma or harm will benefit from Venture Mòr's proven programmes. 


If you are one of many parents that have tried traditional therapeutic support such as counselling, psychotherapy, CBT, and CAMHS for your child but have not been able to make the changes you were hoping for, we may be able to help. If you are desperately worried about your child and just don’t know what to do to break through that barrier, you have come to the right place.

Venture Mòr is leading the way in wilderness therapy for young people struggling to find their place in life.

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Wilderness Therapy is an alternative form of support for troubled young people that is proving to have long-term sustainable benefit. A progressive, developmental and therapeutic programme, balancing activity and reflection, it can reach a young person in ways that are long-lasting and life changing.

Venture Mòr has pioneered this approach here in the United Kingdom. Through wilderness therapy, participants develop awareness and insight that will help them when faced with difficult situations after returning home.

We run intensive wilderness therapy programmes in the wild spaces of Scotland with highly qualified, experienced professionals. The current programmes are available for young people aged between 14 and 18 years, struggling with emotional challenges. Click here to read more about our wilderness therapy programme.

For prices, please visit our costs page, or contact us to have a confidential chat with our therapist and course leader.

Venture Mòr is leading the way in wilderness therapy for young people struggling to find their place in life.

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Latest News

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Outdoor Mental Health Interventions

The Institute for Outdoor Learning has recently released the Statement of Good Practice on Outdoor Mental Health Interventions.

Venture Mòr lead therapist Andy Hardie has co-authored this important piece of work with Kaye Richards and Neal Anderson, and supported by the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine, it helps map out a number of aspirations and challenges for the outdoor sector in this important and growing area of practice.

The statement also purposefully sets out a view on competence when combining mental health and well-being interventions with outdoor learning.

It's not the end of that piece of work, maybe even just the beginning, but it includes a model created to helpfully map and celebrate a breadth of practice in the field.

Happy reading, and hopefully a little of this ends up being helpful for practitioners or public, friends or family in support of mental health and wellbeing all round.

Wilderness therapy benefits troubled teens, but what about parents?

At Venture Mòr we have been running wilderness therapy for teens.

Now, we are launching our first course for parents. But most busy ­parents wouldn’t be able to free themselves up for a two-week programme. Instead, we’ve developed an intense four-day course that will run over a long weekend to make it as accessible as possible.

For many, ­family relationships are seen as a part of their difficulties. The stress of a frayed relationship with a child obviously has an impact on parents’ own mental well-being – momentum builds around bad feelings, and healing that relationship becomes ever harder. If wilderness therapy helps teens – and it does – we are confident it will help parents too.

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The Nature Cure:

Venture Mòr's wilderness therapy has been featured in Prospect Magazine: 

The nature cure: how the great outdoors is transforming treatment of mental health

An insightful and honest article. Wilderness Therapy offers a valuable approach to supporting people with mental health issues particularly at a time when there is ever-increasing use of anti-depressants, along with an even greater number of individuals struggling to access (under pressure) mental health services.

Anti-depressants and other prescription drugs used to treat depression, ADHD, mental health issues and anxiety can be initially helpful. But for many, medication alone is not proving to be the answer.

Traditional therapeutic support such as counselling, psychotherapy, CBT, and CAMHS can help but at times are not able to allow people to make the changes they were hoping for.

The challenges of nature and the support of experienced psychotherapists and skilled outdoor instructors make Wilderness Therapy a viable alternative to improving physical and mental health.

Wilderness Therapy can reach an individual in ways that are long-lasting and life changing. It is an approach that merits and demands exploration and support from the private and public sectors. And can provide relief for an overburdened public mental health system.


Parent support from Venture Mòr

**New in 2019**

Parents programme

Venture Mòr are delighted to be able to offer a long weekend of parenting reflection, support and therapeutic thinking offered to anyone who cares for a child.

Perhaps you are faced with behavioural expressions or mental health presentations; perhaps you have lost connection with your child and your relationship is at breaking point; perhaps you are struggling to find support through traditional routes and need the space to think clearly about ways to manage your family’s situation.

Find out more: 


Lets Get Physical to Help Tackle Youth Mental Health: 🧗‍♀️

Physical activity and spending time in nature can benefit both your mental and physical wellbeing.

Schools urged to use PE to tackle mental health 'crisis'

Venture Mòr combines reflective, therapeutic tasks alongside several expedition phases through the inspiring Scottish landscape as part of our Wilderness Therapy programme.

The activities we undertake are essential, experiential opportunities for reflection and challenge. We might hike to camp up on mountain ridges and high peaks; we might canoe down river rapids and across expansive lochs flowing out to a coastal beach; we might slow the pace in a woodland and sleep in hammocks around a campfire to focus differently during our time outside.

Whatever form it takes, the trail will be led by our team of outdoor guides and facilitators who have unrivalled experience delivering developmental and therapeutic programmes in the most remote and wildest parts of Scotland.

Our Summer programme is scheduled for 14 - 27 July.

Wilderness Therapy in the Scottish Highlands

Life for young people can be tough. The immediacy of digital media ensures that judgment is constant and unavoidable. This leads to pressures to conform; look good; have a great life; be your best you; succeed effortlessly! This often leads to the creation of a curated, adapted presentation of a self that may appear to be living ‘that’ life. A self that is constantly alert and fragile to being judged, evaluated and influenced by others.

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Easter in the Wilderness

Over the Easter break, whilst many teenagers were tucking into innumerable chocolate treats, Venture Mòr ran its third Wilderness Therapy programme. Three weeks of spring weather brought snow, rain, sleet and sun in almost equal measure.

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Into the Wild – Wilderness Therapy for troubled teens

The wilderness has long been known to hold power for personal transformation, growth and positive change.

The Scottish Highlands are wild, isolated and rugged – the perfect place to transform the lives of young people struggling with emotions and life-circumstances.

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Highland social enterprise heralded as Scottish success story

Now in its sixth year, the NatWest SE100 tracks the growth and performance of the UK’s social enterprises. In the latest NatWest SE100 data report, published today, social enterprises on the Index in Scotland show an average growth in turnover of 62% and a total combined turnover of £451.1 million. Scotland accounts for 12% of the total Index users, comprising of 149 social enterprises on the Index.

Venture Mòr, a social enterprise in Scotland working to get disadvantaged young adults into work through employability training delivered in the Scottish wilderness, has been recognised as a leading social enterprise in this year’s NatWest SE100 annual report.

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Did You Know?

Venture Mòr is a social enterprise run by the charity, Venture Trust. By booking onto a wilderness therapy programme you are making a donation to the valuable work of the Venture Trust. As a charity it works with disadvantaged people at the margins of society, supporting them through outdoor adventure, to move towards a more positive future. To find out more and to meet the team, visit the About Us or visit www.venturetrust.org.uk